Monday, August 21, 2017

My darling daughter is on the way to new adventures

Today, this night she will fly to Hong Kong. Staying as an au pair at Shenzhen for a half year.
Big big thing for her and for me. 
I'm so happy and proud that she has gourage to do that. And same time I just want to cry. Life goes on. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer 2017

I 'm so happy that my daughter have had change to travel around world. (new York, Hong Kong, Paris, Monaco etc etc) Shes done that more than me ever. 
Next step is that after graduation from highschool (done very well, better than me ever) this autumn she will leave Finland and be a  aupair in china.. half year.
So we will see when we will have this moment together again-to travel somewhere. 
For me-I m starting new life period also. 
Yesterday I bought a car-Berlingo.. needed a car where I can have my bicycle and where I can sleep. 
Nomand life.. thinking to start a blog about that 😂.
Name would be something like  MOO with Berlingo. You know I have my artlife

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tallinn, here we are again

Emily has started vegan diet-so our one day trips main intrest was vegan food 😀.

So we visited the famous Vegan restaurang.
And food was so good.

Then som shopping and going around the town

We saw 3 Swedish flags... kind of funny-just for Emily. One was within Swedish Church

Saturday, July 25, 2015

End of our lovely trip <3

On Wednesday we did trip to Sagres, by public transport. First we had to walk to main road,
Coudn't find busstop there, so we walk about 1km main road to the Sagres direction. We missed one bus 'cos didnt know where the busstop really is.. When we came back, and got to right bus stop, so we saw it bus sign was in the middle of one tree... About 50 meter to the Lagos direction.

It was something big, that one. Strange feeling.

On thursday just basic Burgau day, like beach and smoothies. We ate at Matias, thinking its nice to go there, cos Emilys boyfriend is Mattias. Food and Service was great. 

Friday we used public buslines to Faro, and did some shopping.

One night at 3K near the airport. Excellent hotel, really... Wifi allso in your room.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Algarve and going around

Yes now we have had hikingtrip to two other small towns nearby. Kind of extreme walking, by the coast line. First one ise that 12km... Second one... Cos we did real coastline miss walk,  was about 8 km... Much harder way. 

First route is like OK

Other one a pit longer

Today we had bus trip to Lagos and ofcourse the boat trip to the caves

Then little shopping- Ronaldo stuff for Emilys boyfriend. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Two days at lovely Burgau

Now we have had two nights at Burgau. Got a much better room from hotel, balcony and great view. 

Jogging every morning- hard time for mom to watch Emily taking photos on the cliff.

Then we had hiking trip to village next to ours, Luz... 6 km something. My Endomondo stopt in the midway... So dont know the exact km.

In the evening we will have some dinner with our friends.

Now we are in the bar called "grubo desportivo de burgau" Emily is loading her youtube video...😆. I m having one caipirinha or two...

It takes one hour or so to load that masterpiece ( 12h editing, photoshopping, sound design etc. 💕)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

At Burgau

Yes the shudlle was at airport... It went fine, some roudtrip on the way, so it was really good to ser some Portugal.
Now we are happily at Burgau, done some running in the morning, photoshoiting at the beach, swimming and eating. 

Last night one indian restaurant, today it will be one fish restaurant.

I was at youga class in the morning, while Emily did some editing.